Welcome to the blog of the Starship X Collective!  We are located in the great city of Worcester, MA where we live collectively and work on a ton of crazy projects, which you will see documented on this blog.  Our projects are focused around the concept of eco-tinkering – not the creepy, for-profits-not-people(-or-other-creatures) geoengineering or genetic engineering work being done by a lot of large corporations, but rather highly creative, imaginative work that re-purposes and reclaims spaces and materials to create systems and structures that let us live in ways that are better for us and the planet.  We are trying to buck norms and fuck with established assumptions about what living in a city means and what any given place or item could be used for; inspired by the likes of Octavia Butler’s Earthseed, we are interested in hacking our reality to create a more liveable way to live.  To learn more about our ideas behind this wacky term “terraforming,” check out this post that Shane wrote.  It explains what we’re trying to do pretty well.  Enjoy!